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Insect Control
Many of the smallest pests can do the most damage, including biting insects like fleas, ticks and even spiders. The good news is CASTECH Pest Service Technicians are well equipped to rid your home of these serious offenders. Whether you're pestered by disgusting cockroaches, annoying ants, swarming wasps, or spiders lurking in every corner - in fact, by any kind of troublesome pest - we'll care for you with expert attention.

Termite Control
Our highly skilled termite control specialists offer comprehensive escrow inspections, repairs and an array of advanced termite treatments.  We provide termite protection for new homes and buildings and existing structures.  We also offer pre-construction treatment.   <READ MORE>

Rodent Control
Rodents can carry disease like HPS and hantavirus, which can target lungs and cause pulmonary problems. The presence of rodents reduces the rental value of apartments and stores and can damage food and property, with damages estimated at approximately $1 billion per year. The noise they make as they climb, gnaw and fight between walls and floors can not only keep you awake at night, but can also damage electrical wiring, causing short circuits and fires.

Your CASTECH Pest Services Technician has the tools to monitor your home and ensure that any nesting rodent population is detected and eradicated at the earliest possible intrusion. The Technicians careful handling of rodent evidence keeps these animals away from you and your family.

Bird Control
Birds are aesthetically beautiful -- we enjoy watching them and hearing the sing. However, did you know that pigeons, starlings and sparrows can transmit 40 known viruses and 60 known diseases to you and your family? Some of the more common transmissions are Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Meningitis and Encephalitis. These diseases and viruses can spread by contacting or inhaling particles of dust from flying bird feces. Along with potential diseases, these birds also carry parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Additionally, birds can also leave unsightly messes and damage homes, schools, places of worship and businesses with their droppings and nesting materials.

Bat Control

Bats have long been known to be beneficial because they eat insects. however, they can become a serious pest when they move into an attic, barn, or soffit areas of your home.

The most common entry point for bats in the home is through the gable or attic vents. once inside their droppings will begin to accumulate posing a heath hazard and making a real mess. These droppings have been found to contain harmful contaminants and should not be allowed to accumulate in the home. Bat guano and urine has a strong, pungent odor and will creep into the living areas in a short period of time Many times their droppings and urine quickly stain your ceilings in living areas, causing expensive damage. CASTECH Pest Services has one of the most comprehensive methods of removing bats in the industry.



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