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CASTECH's professional termite inspectors can examine your home from top to bottom. The inspector will check your home inside and out, around windows and plumbing, in the attic and in the basement or crawl space.

Following inspection, if there are any indications of termite problems or wood decay, your licensed CASTECH inspector ill recommend a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable inspector will also make recommendations for any necessary structural repairs or alterations.

Pressure Injection

A series of holes are drilled into the surface of the wood. Termicide is then introduced under pressure into the holes, completely protecting the wood from the inside out.


The house is wrapped in an airtight tarpaulin and lethal gas is pumped into the structure. Later, the tarps are removed and the home is vented before reoccupying the house.

Borate Treatment

Borates are naturally occurring minerals mined and processed in the Death Valley area. They are used in various formulations to control all wood fungus, brown rot, termites and beetles.

Rodding or Trenching

A hollow steel tube is pressed deep into the soil next to the foundation, or a trench is dug exposing the lower part of the foundation. Termicide is then applied at a low pressure to the soil.

Foam Treatment

Utilizes air injection and a foaming agent to create bubbles of Termicide. This helps to provide uniform coverage of voids under concrete slabs or inside hollow blocks


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Real Estate Service Request Inspection Pest Library Real Estate Service Request Inspection Pest Library

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Termite Baiting

Termite Baits are inserted into the soil. The feeding subterranean termites are used to transmit the prescribed material into the entire termite colony, achieving control before termites attack your home.